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Fall Advocacy Issues

Home Renovation Tax Credit

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on Ontario’s economy. During the height of the pandemic, almost 800,000 Ontarians found themselves out of work. While there has been some improvement since that time, it is likely going to take several years for the economy to fully recover. For that reason, decision-makers at Queen’s Park should look to implement bold, forward-thinking policies to help drive economic recovery and get Ontarians back to work.

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Land Transfer Tax Holiday

Ontario needs to ensure greater housing affordability and encourage more housing supply which will stimulate increased home sales and create significant economic benefit. Actions on the demand-side can have a temporary effect to ease rising house prices. However, demand-side actions must be met with longer-term supply-side measures.

To support Ontario’s recovery from COVID-19 and help young families afford their first home, the Government of Ontario should look to boost housing supply through a provincial Land Transfer Tax (LTT) holiday.

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Opportunity Zones

Ontario is a Province of economic opportunity. But some communities do not share equally in our collective prosperity. In fact, between 2008 and 2019, 87 per cent of jobs in Ontario were created in just two cities – Toronto and Ottawa.

If Ontario and its citizens are going to reach their potential, we must support growth and economic opportunity in all communities. To accomplish this goal, Ontario REALTORS® are proposing the provincial government support the use of Opportunity Zones in economically challenged communities.

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Following Up on Meetings

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Key Messages

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